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An Introduction to Xamrin For Beginners - Tutorial & Installation

Xamarin is a Microsoft owned company that started with the engineers that created the popular Mono, Mono for Android and MonoTouch, which are cross platform implementations of the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) and the Common Language Specifications, also known as .NET.

MonoTouch allows developers to create iPhone applications using C# and the .NET framework, instead of Apple’s official development environment and the Objective C language. It is based on the Mono framework.

Xamarin uses a shared C#/.NET codebase along with either Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio, to write native Android, iOS, and Windows Apps.  Did you understand that?  Yes, native applications.  Wow, so, all your code is 100% shared.  Again, not exactly.  But, close.

For most simple UI patterns, Xamarin.Forms allows you build native user interfaces for iOS, Android and Windows using 100% shared C#.  It also includes dozens of controls and layouts which are mapped to native controls in their respective platform.

From below link you can download Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition to install Xamrin
You can also view this tutorials in my you tube channel (Source Code World) from the link given 👉Source Code World


WhatsApp new feature Introduced in 2018 - Swipe to Respond, Dark Mode and WhatsApp Payment

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging apps, and WhatsApp has changed how people interact. In the last few years, WhatsApp has added many new features system, However WhatsApp always does something new for his users, so what are the upcoming features WhatsApp is coming up with that we are most likely to make use? How does WhatsApp intend to enhance the user experience of for its users and also what should you get out of the Facebook-owned system in the coming months?

There is no denying that WhatsApp is serving many brand-new features for both Android as well as iPhone customers. Nonetheless, we have currently seen a few of these WhatsApp features in beta variations of the application. Here we have a look at five of one of the most awaited WhatsApp features which the system is expected to launch quickly.


Swipe to Respond

WhatsApp is presently working on a 'Swipe to Respond' feature for Android customers. Right now, this attribute is currently offered on iPhone. With this attribute, one should swipe right the message they wish to respond, and the message will open in the reply context. WhatsApp has just recently sent a new upgrade via the Google Play Beta Program, which brings the beta version approximately 2.18.282 specifically.


Dark Mode


The long-awaited Dark mode setting might be introduced in WhatsApp and will be available to both Android and iPhone users. The Dark Setting attribute is already present in some of the most popular apps such as Twitter and YouTube, and Facebook will bring out a similar feature quickly. This feature will lower the stress on the eyes while utilizing the application at night or. Currently, there is no timeline regarding when this feature will come on the Whatsapp app. WABetaInfo revealed on Twitter, "I am happy to announce this good news: WhatsApp is finally working on a Dark mode. There are numerous other important secret updates instructions in current updates! Be Patient!, wishing it will be completely OLED friendly for Android phones, Apple iPhone X and newer versions!


WhatsApp Payments

When it appears to the upcoming WhatsApp features, WhatsApp payments is most demanding as it is a Unified Payments Interface (UPI)-based and it is in the testing phase in India since February. The Facebook-owned platform has persuaded in about million of beta testers of the UPI-based payments service and has collaborated with prominent banks including ICICI and SBI in India.


Group video and voice calls

To get over Google Duo and Skype, WhatsApp Group calling feature added which allows up to four WhatsApp users to do a conference video or voice call.


Forward limits

To control the spread of fake and false news, WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature for an India-specific version of WhatsApp. Under this new feature, users won’t be permitted to share media or message no more than five people at once.


Suspicious links Detection

With WhatsApp beta version, WhatsApp rolled out its suspicious link detection feature that will automatically review for the unusual presence in a website and then mark it with the red color that the site which you are about to visit is harmful and the link is suspicious.


Merger of Bank of Baroda, Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank and effects on the stocks of public sector banks

Three Nationalize Banks - Dena Bank, Vijaya Bank as well as Bank of Baroda - will be combined to develop the third-largest Bank in the nation, the Finance Ministry said on Monday, as the initiatives to clean up the nation's financial system.
The Finance Ministry will continue to give resources assistance to the merged entity. The statement, made by Secretary in the Department of Financial Services Rajiv Kumar in the press conference with Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. After the announcement, Dena bank share price rises by 20% where Bank of Baroda share price drops by 14 % and Vijaya Bank share price surged 10.36%.

As the government announced the merger of three nationalized banks Bank of Baroda, Dena Bank, and Vijaya Bank, the share price of the public sector banks made major moves on the day. While Bank of Baroda share price fell up to 13. 76%, Vijaya Bank share price surged 10.36% on the BSE. Their weaker part Dena Bank share price rises by 20 %.

The merger of these three Mega PSU Merger Bank follows the merger of five associate banks and also the Bharatiya Mahila Financial institution entered into the State Bank of India (SBI) in April in 2015, which assisted the nation's biggest loan provider to boost its range and also cut expenditures through the synergy of operations. According to Rajiv Kumar, that experience has resulted in good results. This helped the government to take this big step in banking merger by deciding to merge three public sector lenders.

Financing Minister Arun Jaitley included that the merging has been planned in such a way that the merged banks do not turn up being weak compared to the individual entities. There will be no adverse effect on customers of the specific bank as an outcome of the suggested merger, and no staff member of all three banks will deal with any problems. The best solution will set for all of them, Mr. Jaitley Stated.

What The New Merger Bank Will have?

The trio of Bank of Baroda, Dena Bank & Vijaya Bank will create a merger bank with a nation and worldwide reach. With Bank of Baroda already has a widely spread channels, Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank are more regionally dense and focused.

1)  The Mega PSU Merger Bank will hold total business of Rs 14.82 lakh crore.
2) The Mega PSU Merger Bank will maintain an advances base of Rs 6.4 lakh crore presenting it as the third largest bank behind SBI and HDFC Bank.
Presently, state-run State State Bank of India, and also private sector peers HDFC Bank and even ICICI Bank are the three most prominent and largest banks in the nation.
3) It will keep a deposit of Rs 8.41 lakh crore.
4) The gross NPA will be approximately around Rs 80,000 crore. So the gross NPA ratio will be around 13%.
5) Total No of Branches will be 9,489.
6) Total no of Employees will be 85,675.

The proposal will be sent out to the boards of the three banks, which have to authorize it, before any further proceedings, Rajiv Kumar claimed. He added that the banking field requires reforms, which government, is taking care of banks capital requirements.

For BOB, the merger will mean a stronger presence in the western and southern regions, said PS Jayakumar, the CEO of the BOB.

According to a former official of  Vijaya Bank, the bank had proposed the government to take control of Dena Bank. Likewise, Bank of Baroda had also offered government with a merger with Vijaya bank, he or she agreed on speaking on the condition of anonymity. It appears the federal government took this choice after thinking about both propositions, stated this authority.

The government predicts that at the end of this financial year the merger procedure will be completed. The three banks will continuously operate individually until the merger.

Rationalisation of overseas operation in the banking sector remains at full speed, Mr. Kumar stated, the government is keen to take actions to ensure that history doesn't repeat as for NPAs are worried.

Talking on the merging, Arun Jaitley stated that financial institution funding was getting to be low and weak, hurting corporate sector financial investments.

The government had revealed that the merger of banks was in the budget plan and the primary step has been introduced, he included.

In August last year, the government had set up a ministerial committee to speed up the merger of banks.

It has been felt that the Indian banking sector requires the merger as a result of the large no of government entities. Currently, there are 21 nationalized banks. This number minimizes to 19 after the merging.

Because a lot of these banks have similar working, it has been felt that merger is justified. Nevertheless, in the past, such a step has been highly opposed by staff members unions as well as governments have also avoided it due to caution.

With the news on Monday, the government has indicated that the merger of nationalize bank will stay on its plan and agenda. In the meantime, it appears like the government is working with integrating banks with an existence throughout various parts of the nation.


iOS 12 release, time, features & Compatible iOS devices and How to install iOS 12 in apple device?

Every year Apple announces the massive update to its mobile OS as well as this year the brand-new variation is iOS 12. While the focus is not on huge functions, however small updates such as boosting efficiency on older tools, every person needs to download this update because it includes special safety features and useful features. As always, the update could be installed straight from the device using Wi-Fi or through a Mac or Windows equipment with iTunes. Before you continue, do not forget to take a full back-up of your Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. We have described the actions for both techniques listed below, and however, before we reach that, you should review the iOS 12 release date, time and iOS 12 features as well as if your iOS device is getting the iOS 12 upgrade.

iOS 12 launch date and time in India

iOS 12 launch date is September 17 and also though Apple does not officially announce a launch time, based upon previous years, iOS 12 launch time must be around 10 am PST/ 1 pm EST. That would undoubtedly make iOS 12 launch time in India at 10:30 pm on Monday, September 17.

Is my Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch obtaining iOS 12?

The below-listed iOS  compatible devices will get  iOS 12 upgrades:

Apple iPhone X.
Apple iPhone 8.
Apple iPhone 8 And also.
Apple iPhone 7.
Apple iPhone 7 And also.
Apple iPhone Sixes.
Apple iPhone Sixes Plus.
Apple iPhone 6.
Apple iPhone 6 And also.
Apple iPhone SE.
Apple iPhone Fives.
12.9-inch iPad Pro Second generation.
12.9-inch iPad Pro First generation.
10.5-inch iPad Pro.
9.7-inch iPad Pro.
iPad Sixth generation.
iPad 5th generation.
iPad Air 2.
iPad Air.
iPad mini 4.
iPad mini 3.
iPad mini 2.
iPod touch Sixth generation.

Steps to download iOS 12 on Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

If you do not wish to utilize iTunes, the following procedures will certainly assist you to download and install and also set up iOS 12 on your Apple iPhone, iPad, and even iPod touch. Before you continue, we recommend you to take Backup.

1) Go to Settings > General > Software Update.  This will start the procedure of looking for updates on your iPhone device, and also you will see the iOS 12 updates.

2) Tap on Download And Install.

3) This will begin the procedure of downloading iOS 12. The time undoubtedly depends upon just how quick your internet is. Keep in mind that this requires Wi-Fi connection and could not be done with mobile data.

4) When the download is completed, tap on Install.

5) Tap on Agree when you see Apple's Terms & Conditions.

6) Your iPhone device will also restart iOS  12 will be installed.

Steps to download and install iOS 12 using iTunes

As long as you have a COMPUTER or a Mac is connected to the Net, you could conveniently update your Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iOS 12. Before you continue, we recommend you to take Backup and after that follow these steps to set up iOS 12.

1) If you do not have iTunes installed in your PC, you can download and install it. As soon as it is done, open iTunes.

2) Attach your Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your computer via data cable.

3) On iTunes, your iPhone device icon will appear near the top-left. Click that symbol. You need to unlock your device for the logo to appear.

4) Click SUMMARY on the left pane in iTunes.

5) On the right pane, you will see a "Check for Update" button. Click that.

6) Once it finds the upgrade, click Download and install and follow on-screen guidelines to guide you for the rest of the procedure.

iOS 12 features :

1) Siri shortcuts: Apple is providing some even more powers to Siri with the Siri Shortcuts. It will permit Siri to access applications as well as get the job done by them. You will have the ability to enter individual search questions within apps with an "Add to Siri" option. Generally, you could currently incorporate Siri with every app and can also perform the job by simply giving the command to Siri. Siri on iOS 12 will advise users to disable notifications of the apps which doesn’t use frequently.

2) Group Facetime: Apple has presented Group Facetime with iOS 12. As the name recommends, it will certainly enable you to get in touch with approximately 32 individuals all at once. The images of the group participants will be displayed in a dynamic method. The one that is speaking will be received a larger space whereas the quiet ones will be found by the app and also provided a relatively smaller area.

3) Scree time: Apple has presented Scree time attribute in iOS 12 which will certainly inform you concerning your phone's use. Just like the Google Digital Wellbeing, Apple's Display Screen function will tell what all apps you use as well as how time you spent in your iPhone device. 

4) Memojis: The Memoji attribute will allow you to develop your personal Memojis or even customize it.

5) Measure tool: Apple has revealed the Action AR device in iOS 12 which will allow you to measure item in real with your phone's camera. Just touch on the item and also begin dragging the line to measure it in real-time.

6) Performance: Apple claims it has boosted the efficiency on iOS 12 with applications opening up two times as quick as well as optimizing CPU to the maximum. The company claims current software program upgrade functions much better on older Apple iPhone. iOS 12 apps will open 40% faster on older Apple iPhone devices.

7)Photos: Much like Google's AI-based Images application, Apple's native picture application is additionally obtaining some smarter features with iOS 12. As an example, Apple Photos will currently reveal search tips enabling customers to discover older pictures with particular keywords like location, moments or even business names.

Apple has released a brand-new section asked "for You" in the Photos app that will show memories, live photos, featured photos and shared album activity. Apple Photos will show you highlights of from a specific occasion or day and also recommend you to share and invite friends to join.

One more exciting upgrade is the capability to send full resolution images with iMessage.

How to format Pen drive and remove write protection from pen drive ?

Whenever our pen drives, hard disk or Memory card goes corrupt, then we use different methods to recover our pen drives or hard disk or Memory card on our computer. On the other hand, we try to fix our pen drive, hard disk or memory card with the help of the internet also. Now, in such case many times an error comes that "Disk is write protected." Because of this error, most of the people throw away their memory card or pen drive. In this post, I will tell you how to remove write protection from pen drive, But before that let us know what Disk Write Protected error is?

What is Disk Write Protected?

Disk Write Protected means protecting the disk from formatting or protecting it from copying or deleting any folder. This error often comes when we format your pen drive or memory card. Because of this, you can not delete the data or format memory card or pen drive, so let's learn how to remove the write protected disk.

I) How to Remove Disk Write Protection from Pen drive?

1. Press the button of Window + R and then type regedit and click OK

First of all, you press the button of Window + R in the keyboard of your computer or laptop, after which a small window will open in the bottom side, in which you have to type regedit then press the Enter key or click ok again, then again a pop up screen will show, it will ask yes and no then click on Yes

format Pen drive and remove write protection from pen drive

2. Now "Registry Editor" window open will open in that go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE", then expand "SYSTEM" option, then expand "CurrentControlSe" option, then expand "Control" option.

3. Now click on StorageDevicePolicies and double click on WriteProtect

After expanding Control, search for StorageDevicePolicies here. After that click on it and then on the right side double click on WriteProtect.

4. Now make Value Data from 1 to 0 and click OK

As soon as you click on Write Protect, a small window will open in which you will see Value Data 1, and you have to change 1 to 0 then click OK and then restart your computer or laptop.

Now, whenever you will format a disk, you will not get an error Disk Write Protected and you can comfortably format the disk.

II) How to format Pen drive through CMD

Using the command prompt, you can turn off the computer, start programs, applications, format drives and create partitions too. In this post, I will show you how to format Pendrive from Command Prompt and how to remove Virus from Pendrive. 

Sometimes you format Pendrive in Normal mode, by Right click on Drive, it does not happen, in that case, you should format it from Command Prompt. 

1) Press Windows Button and press "R" together to get in the run dialog box. 

2) Type "cmd" and click "OK," then Command Prompt will be open. 

3) Now connect your Pendrive to the computer and go to the drive location by typing the command "I:" where I is drive location of pen drive.

4) Now type this command "format I:" where I will be the location of your Pendrive and press Enter.

5) But your Pendrive will take a lot of time to get format. If you can not wait for a long time, you can do Quick Format. 

6) If you want to format Pendrive quickly, then type this command Format /q I: where "q" indicates quick format and "I" is the your pen drive location.

7) Quick Format will take just 2 seconds to erase the data of your Pendrive completely.

Second Method how to format Pendrive through CMD DISKPART

To format Pendrive from Command Prompt, first, open Command Prompt. You can open Command Prompt like this.

1) Press Windows Button and press "R" together to get in the run dialog box. 

2) Type "cmd" and click "OK," then Command Prompt will be open. 

3) Type command "diskpart"

4) Type command "list disk"

5) Type "select disk 2"

6) Type "clean"

7) Type "create partition primary"

8) Type "select partition 1"

9) Type "format fs=ntfs quick"

10) Type "active"

11) Type "assign letter=Z"

III) How to change Pendrive's file system using cmd

File System is a type of structure through which your data remains correctly on the hard drive. Three types of file systems in Windows are NTFS, Fat32 and Fat16. In Windows 98 Fat16 file system was used, and in next version Operating System, NTFS and Fat32 are used. NTFS is a new file system that allows you to recover deleted registries. At most 4GB of data can be held in Fat32, while NTFS can keep more data. NTFS has more security than the fat32 file system. 

If you want to change the hard drive's Partition, Pendrive, sdcard file system, then you do with Command Prompt (cmd). 

1) Connect Pendrive to the computer.

2) Open Command Prompt (cmd) and type " format I: / fs: NTFS " and press Enter. This command will convert your Pendrive's file system into NTFS.

3) If you want to change Pendrive's File System to fat32, then type this command format I: / fs: fat32 " and press Enter. It will take time to complete. 

4) If you can not wait for a long time, then type the command " format / q x: / fs: fat32 " and press Enter. This will format your drive in the fat32 file system in a few seconds. 

So above all methods can be used to format usb and remove write protection from pen drive.


How to Enable/Disable Windows Defender and Automatic update in Windows

This Post describes how to enable and disable Windows Defender and Automatic Updates in the Windows 10 operating system. If you are using Windows 10 or Windows 8, then it is essential for you to read this post because Windows Defender and Automatic Updates are in both versions of  Window. 

About Windows Defender and how to Enable/Disable it?

Windows Defender is a free Antivirus from Microsoft. It is already installed in Windows Defender Windows 10 and Windows 8 OS, and you can install it in another computer too. If you want to use Windows Defender in Windows 7, then click on this link - Click Here To Download Windows Defender. 

Why Enable Or Disable Windows Defender?

1.) To make the computer free from viruses, you will get free versions of antivirus, but we don't whether these free antivirus will protect our computer from viruses and whether these free antivirus versions provide real-time protection to our computer. If we do not have any genuine antivirus, then you should use Windows Defender because it is a free and excellent antivirus and protect your computer from virus, pop up, virus attack or any activities, in simple words. So it works like a computer antivirus and keeps your computer and laptop secure and safe.

2.) If you are using any other genuine and best antivirus then windows defender, then you should disable Windows Defender because it uses more resources of our computer, which then starts hanging our computer.

So, if you want to know how Windows Defender is enabled and disabled in Windows 10, then read our post full till the end.

Steps to Enable/Disable Windows Defender in Windows 10

Step 1: First, you have to type regedit in the search box and then click on the regedit option.

Step 2: Now after Registry Editor is opened, click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

Step 3:  After Clicking on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, click on the "SOFTWARE" option. 

Step 4: After Clicking on SOFTWARE, Click on Policy Option

Step 5: After Clicking on Policy option, Click on the Microsoft Option.

Step 6: After clicking on Microsoft Option, Click on Windows Defender Option.

Step 7: Under Windows Defender Option, Now go to Right Side and right-click on the space and then click on "New" and click "DWORD" (32bit) Value.

Step 8: After that, there will be a new Registry Created, whom you have to rename it to DisableAntiSpyware.

Step 9: Now you have to double click on that registry and write 1 in the Value Data and click on OK button.

Step 10: Now you can go to Update & Security in Settings and can check that Windows Defender is disabled.

If you want to enable Windows Defender again, delete the registry that you just created.

In this way, you can Enable/Disable Automatic Windows Defender using the above methods.

About Automatic Updates and how to Enable/Disable it?

Automatic Windows Update runs in Background in Windows Operating System. This software and drivers get downloaded and updated without our permission. These automatic updates consume a large amount of internet data, that can be frustrating sometimes. But we can enable/disable these updates.

Steps to Disable / Turn off Windows Automatic Updates on Windows 10

Step 1: Type Admin in the Search Box and then click on the Administrative Tools option.

Step 2: Then click on Computer Management Option in the next screen.

Step 3: After clicking on Computer Management, click on Services and Applications.

Step 4:  After clicking on Services and Applications, click on Services.

Step 5: Scroll down and click on the Windows Update Option.

Step 6: A Dialog Box will be open an in which you have to first click on Stop Button.

Step 7: Now click on the Startup Type and select an option.

You can choose Disabled Option to Disable the Automatic Windows Update.

Step 8: After choosing the Disabled option, click on Apply Button and then click OK Button.

This was the first method, and now we will tell you the second method.

2. Second Method to Disable / Turn off Windows Automatic Updates on Windows 10

Step 1: Type gpedit.msc in Run Command Prompt and click on OK button.
Press Windows + R Key together to open the Run Command Prompt.

Step 2: Click on the Administrative Templates option.

Step 3: After clicking on the Administrative Templates, click on Windows Components.

Step 4: Click on the Windows Update Option.

Step 5: After Clicking on Windows Update  Option, click on Configure Automatic Update.

Step 6: Now select Disabled Option to turn off Automatic Windows Update, then click on  Apply, and again click on OK Button.

So in this way, you can disable Automatic Window Update using any of the above methods.

TIME - Please give me some time !!!

A very big businessman was counting money in his room. At that time his 10-year-old son came to his room and asked with great innocence.

Papa, what are you doing?

His father did n't answer, because he was busy counting money. 

The child went to his father held his hand and asked, Dad, what are you doing? 

Then he said, "Son, I'm counting money."

The child was quiet for a while, then he asked, how much money do you earn in an hour? 

Father replied to son, what will you do by knowing this? 
The child replied, Please tell me how much you earn in an hour?

His father started calculating his one day earning from his monthly income and then an hour earning from one-day income and replied his son 500 rupees. 

Then the child said, Dad gave me Rs 250. Father said, what will you do with 250 rupees? 

The child said no, I want money.

His father gave him 250 rupees. 

The child got 250 rupees, and then he took out another 250 rupees from his  pocket, then kept 500 rupees in his Dad's hand and said, "Papa give me your one hour ..."

This little story is for those busy people who are under the burden of work and cannot give time to their family. Our family is our real life. Of course, the work in life is necessary and essential, but not more than the family. If possible, take some time out of your work and spend it with your family.

If the story is good and you liked it, then share it further ...

How to keep your FACEBOOK profile secure

Hello, friends In this post we are going to tell you some tips to keep your Facebook profile Secure, which is very important for everyone to know. Because recently, there was news of leak of data from Facebook. After that, every Facebook users got worried that their personal information will also get leaked. Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that every Facebook users should take some crucial steps to keep their data secure.

But along with that, we want to give you some tips. So that, you can avoid and secure your Facebook data. At the same time, you can avoid being trapped in any problem. So friends, if you want to know about these tips, then read our post full till the end. Because after that only you can secure your Facebook profile. To make your profile secure on Facebook, you have to make some changes to the settings. Apart from this, friends we also need to take care of some other things like, do not enter your personal data like birth date, Address, etc. in your Facebook account, do not share your private photo, do not share your location, etc.

1) Make this change in the settings of your Facebook account 
--> To secure your data, you must first log in to your Facebook account and go to settings. Then there is the option of "Apps and Websites" and "Instant Games," go to appropriate option and remove the apps, websites by selecting the particular app and clicking remove button and we can also edit permissions of the specific app and website.

2) Do not put your personal data like date of birth, Address on Facebook
--> Most people enter their birthdays and other personal information on their Facebook account, because, upon entering such information in the public place, any person can steal this information and can misuse it. In such a situation, friends we should remove out DOB and other personal data from Facebook profile.

3) Remove your mobile number from Facebook 
--> Many people keep their mobile numbers in their Facebook account, and they are easily accessible to anyone. In such case, to avoid any lousy incident we should not put our mobile number on any social media platform. Therefore, you should remove your mobile number from your Facebook account.

4) Do not share your private photo on Facebook 
--> An occurrence of Social media such as Facebook and Twitter have made people's personal items public. Because people nowadays share their every activity on social media. In such a case, if their data gets leaked by mistake, then they can come in a serious problem. So people should not always share their private stuff on any social media platform.

5) Do not share your location on Facebook 
--> You will often see that, whenever people visit, or they go somewhere, they keep on sharing their location on Facebook. Now, sharing this information on social media can also create trouble for them. Therefore, we should not always share our location on any social media platform to protect ourselves.

6) Do not register for any service by Facebook 
At present, we use Facebook to register for a lot of services on the Internet. Because, through this, we can create a new account for any social media website in a short time. Most people use Facebook to create an account on an e-commerce website. 
But we should never register for any other service through Facebook. Because by doing so, any other company can access all our information through Facebook. So we should never make any other service registration by Facebook. 

By keeping above-given points in your mind, you can keep your Facebook profile safe and secure. 


Know your PNR Status and Train Live Status from WhatsApp

PNR Status: Now you can check your PNR status via Whatsapp. You can also find Live Train Status on WhatsApp only. Here's the whole process.

Checking PNR status or checking the status of the train was a difficult task some time ago, but now it is not so. Previously to get this information, the passenger had to call Indian Railway Reservation number 139, or by logging on IRCTC's official website irctc.co.in to know about the updates, this process also took considerable time. But now this process has become easy. You can even know PNR status through your WhatsApp page. Now to save this time and to make the whole process easier, Indian Railways has recently made a partnership with online travel website make my trip. According to the report, travelers will now get information on the live status of the train, PNR status, etc. on their smartphones. 

To take benefit of this facility, there must be some important things to take care of. You should have WhatsApp latest version. Apart from this, an internet connection is also needed.

Follow Steps to know live train status and PNR status.

1) Go to the dial pad on your smartphone.
2) After this, type '7349389104' (Official Whatsapp of Make My Trip) and add it to your contact list.
3) Now open WhatsApp and refresh its contact list.
4) Search the contact and open the chat window to send a message to it. 
5) You need to send your train number to know the live status of the train and send your PNR number to know PNR Status at the Whatatspeep number. 
6) After this, Make My Trip will send you real-time train status or PNR status. 

To know the train status, do this.

1) To get the live train status, send the train number in the chat window and send it. For example, type 12499 and send it. 
2) After this, we will get the live status of that train. 

We will get running status of the trains departing on the same day.

PNR test method
1) To check the status of the train ticket, send the PNR number by typing in the space after the PNR in the chat window. For example, PNR 1234567890 
2) After this, we will get the PNR status.

Please remember that during this time you have to take care of some other things. The message sent by us to MakeMyTrip Whatsapp number has been delivered. If you could able to see two blue ticks next to the message, then only the message has been delivered to MakeMyTrip. Apart from this, they provide all these asked information from the IRCTC server. It can take some time to get the response.

iPhone launches 3 new models with dual sim support

Apple's annual launching event will start in the headquarter of the company, located in San Francisco at about 10:30 P.M.  (Indian time) on 12th September 2018. The company can launch three iPhones at this event. The company will launch the advanced version of the iPhone X, i.e., iPhone XS Max, XS and XR an affordable version of the iPhone  X. Here are some vital information related to the launch and the company's strategy in India.

Questions related to the event and their answers

1) What is unique about the new iPhone? Will there be any surprising news besides size and RAM?
--> This time the company is targeting a larger market share. Users of every segment can buy it, so the price of the iPhone has been specially taken care of. In countries like America, people buy iPhone from SIM providers, so zero downpayment option is also kept. There are plenty of improvements in the camera at the software level and this year's iPhone will come with the notched display.

2) According to reports, three iPhone launches will be launched. What can be its size?
--> Yes, three iPhone that will be launched, with screen size XR- 6.1 inches, XS - 5.8 inches, and XS Max - 6.5 inches. Price of iPhone XR is Rs 52,000, iPhone XS is Rs 72,000 and iPhone XS Max is Rs 80,000

3) What can be the possible names of three iPhones?
--> The company is pushing X-Series ahead with iPhone X launched last year. The most expensive variant will come in the name of the iPhone XS Max. At the same time, the cheapest variant will be iPhone XR, which is an upgraded version of iPhone SE.

4) Will the iPhone get dual SIM support? If yes, will it be in everyone or just in a model?
--> Yes, this is the biggest feature of this time. This time, you will find dual sim support in most premium model iPhone XS Max. Two of the three models will have dual SIM support.

5) Considering India, can the phone price be at 50 thousand rupees?
-->No, the iPhone will not be available in the range of 50 thousand. But in the next few months, the iPhone XR will be in the range of 50 thousand. Along with the new launch, the price of the iPhone X will decrease, after which the XR along with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will also be sold in 50 thousand categories.

6) When will the prebooking of these three iPhones begin in India and how long can they be purchased?
Their pre-booking in India will begin in the first week of October, and it will start selling in the end till October. Apart from Apple's outlets, the iPhone will also be available from Jio and Airtel stores.

7) Last year, the iPhone X launched on the 10th anniversary, why this year the iPhone 9?
--> In 2016, the company launched the iPhone 7, 7 Plus and in 2017 iPhone 8, 8 Plus was launched, but in 2018 it was the 10th Anniversary, so company launched the iPhone X. Because of which the iPhone 9 did not launch. This time the iPhone XR is launching, it will be the same as the iPhone 9.

8) What other products can be launched beside the iPhone? What's new in Apple Watch Series 4?
Apple Watch Series-4 is designed under Apple's 'Heart Study Program.' It will work like a smartwatch. At the same time, there was an LTE version in Apple Watch III, but now this career will become Independent, which will make LTE version even in countries like India. Apart from this, Apple Music and Apple TV are inbuilt in Apple Watch-4. However, no significant changes will be seen.


Rupee hit a lowest of 72.91 against the dollar, falling 14% in 9 months

The Indian rupee has touched down to a historic low against the dollar. The rupee depreciation against the dollar has not stopped. On Wednesday, it weekend to 22 paise and sunk to an all-time low of 72.91 per dollar against the American currency in the Inter-Banking Currency market. However, it recovered in mid-session. The rupee closed down to 24 paise down at 72.69 per dollar on Tuesday. With the increase in crude oil prices and getting expensive day by day and continuous withdrawal of foreign capital Currency by foreign investors, increased the pressure on the rupee.  On the other hand, the trade war between America and China is expected to be fast. This also raised the pressure in the currency market.

Reason for fall of Rupees:

(1) Foreign investors have withdrawn 6.5 billion dollars from India

(2) The second reason is the rising price of oil - the increasing cost of crude oil is the biggest reason for the constant weakening of rupees. India is one of the largest importers of crude oil. Brent crude prices are at the highest level of three and a half years rose up to 2% to  79.34 $ per barrel in the international market due to excessive demand of Dollar currency. India imports more oil, and its repayment is made in the dollar.

(3) This year Turkish currency LIRA has fallen up to 41% which impacted other currencies also.

Five Impact of Rupee fall:  

(1) It will have an adverse effect on Oil companies, and the import of crude will become expensive. This will increase the rates of petrol and diesel. 

(2) The government will have to spend more money to repay foreign debt and loans. 

(3)The cost of study and traveling in abroad will become expensive. Because, on currency exchange, we have to pay more money. 

(4) RBI may increase the interest rates on the decline. RBI monitors monetary policy in October.

(5) IT and pharma companies will benefit from the rupee's drop. Because most of these businesses are based on export. This year, the shares of IT and pharma companies raised due to this.  

Compared to the dollar this year, currencies worldwide declined. However, the performance of the Indian rupee in Asia was the worst. Since January, the rupee has fallen by 14%.

Why is the rupee falling rupee against the dollar?

The reason is that the economy of many countries is trembling. That's why investors are buying dollars by withdrawing their money. Due to this, the dollar is becoming expensive because all are buying the dollar. Indian oil companies are also buying dollars in anticipation of the rise of crude oil prices. The news has been quoted from PTI that now the dollar will be used to purchase oil.

Currency expert S. Subramaniam says that the price of the rupee depends entirely on its demand and supply. Import and export also have an impact on this. Every country has a stock of foreign currency in which it transmits. The currency of the country is fixed only by the decreasing and increasing foreign exchange reserves. The US dollar has the status of global currency, and most of the countries make payments in the dollar.

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