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How to send images/ videos in whatsapp without losing Compression

I am a Photographer, and I click images with DSLR camera in high resolution of 30MB size. Daily I need to send hundreds of images, but when I send this images with WhatsApp with the general method, it seems that the image was taken from a camera of 2 megapixels it's very annoying. Sometimes it's very problematic when we want to use this media for digital printing or publishing because this decreases the overall quality of our image/video. 

So today, I will explain to you how to send any Image / Video to its Actual Size and Resolution in Whatsapp. Many of us are unaware or unknown of the fact that whenever we post an image/video via Whatsapp, its size and resolution automatically decreases. By default, Whatsapp reduces the size and resolution of the image/video we post, and it happens because our Image / Video can be sent quickly and easily.  

So friends, if you want to send an Image / Video through Whatsapp in its Actual Size and Resolution, you will have to follow some easy steps that we tell you. After which you can send any Image / Video through Whatsapp in its Actual Size and Resolution. Most of the people, however, are not aware of this, due to which we thought about why we should not give you this information through our post.

1. Steps to send Image / Video to its Actual Size and Resolution in Whatsapp

Step 1: First, we will use the common method to send Images in WhatsApp. Open WhatsApp, then tap on attachment symbol, then tap on Gallery, then select Image we want to send.

Step 2: Here it will look like when we select Image from Gallery option

Now we will look at the image properties which is reduced by WhatsApp while sending through Gallery option. It is reduced to KB in size and also effects resolution.

Step 3: Now we will send an image as Document, i.e., we will use the Document option to send Whatsapp. Open WhatsApp, then tap on attachment symbol, then tap on Document, then select Image we want to send.

Step 4: Here it will look like after posting an image via Document Option

Step 5: Now, we will look at the image properties after sending an image from "Document Option" in WhatsApp.

As we can see the image size and resolution both remain unchanged. So whenever we need to send images/Videos in its old state, we can use this technique.

There are many other ways to send images or videos with losing size and resolution.

1. Zipping Images/Video before sending:

Before sending an `image, we can zip that particular image/Video this method will not let image to lose its size or resolution. The advantage of zipping image/video is that we can send a large number of image/video together as WhatsApp allows only a limited number of images/video to be sent at a time. The zip file can also be sent via Document Option.

2. Uploading images/video in google drive or in any cloud server

This might not be such a convenient method, but it works great in some cases. We can upload images/video in Google Drive, Dropbox or any cloud storage then we will get a shareable link and that link we can share in Whatsapp and send it to the recipient, and he can download images/videos from the link given. If the image is of private use, change the permissions to restrict.

3. Send image in WhatsApp by renaming its extension

Send an image to be sent and rename its extension from .jpg,.png, .jpeg to .pdf/.docx now that image file becomes a document file, then we can easily send that image as a document to the recipient via WhatsApp and later on, rename file extension to its original extension.

4) A trick for iPhone users - utilizing iBooks for converting Image to pdf

In your IOS device open the photos app and select the image from camera roll, and now save the selected images to iBook(by using sharing option), this will convert the image to pdf, but the converted file can only be opened in IOS device.

All these methods I individually use to transfer my files, Through this method, we can send images and videos to our family and friends without losing its size and resolution. Above methods are very easy rather than sending it via mail.

Comment below which is your favorite method to send the images/video through whatsApp.

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