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TIME - Please give me some time !!!

A very big businessman was counting money in his room. At that time his 10-year-old son came to his room and asked with great innocence.

Papa, what are you doing?

His father did n't answer, because he was busy counting money. 

The child went to his father held his hand and asked, Dad, what are you doing? 

Then he said, "Son, I'm counting money."

The child was quiet for a while, then he asked, how much money do you earn in an hour? 

Father replied to son, what will you do by knowing this? 
The child replied, Please tell me how much you earn in an hour?

His father started calculating his one day earning from his monthly income and then an hour earning from one-day income and replied his son 500 rupees. 

Then the child said, Dad gave me Rs 250. Father said, what will you do with 250 rupees? 

The child said no, I want money.

His father gave him 250 rupees. 

The child got 250 rupees, and then he took out another 250 rupees from his  pocket, then kept 500 rupees in his Dad's hand and said, "Papa give me your one hour ..."

This little story is for those busy people who are under the burden of work and cannot give time to their family. Our family is our real life. Of course, the work in life is necessary and essential, but not more than the family. If possible, take some time out of your work and spend it with your family.

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